I Call Him “Somandla”

15 Dec


A week after receiving devastating news that the Cape Peninsula University of Technology had (for the fourth time) rejected my application to study Journalism there, I received the most unbelievable phone call.  CPUT called again to ask if I was still interested, as after great debate, they had changed their minds and would love for me to study for my Diploma in Journalism at their institution.  I think my answer to them is obvious – writing is everything to me.  But was it fate, luck or the grace of God?

Some people believe in luck (being at the right place at the right time), some in fate (you cannot change what’s meant to be) and some in Supreme Beings (e.g. God, Allah, Buddha, etc).  What did I believe in? Don’t know either…

When it comes to luck, I’m certainly not a believer, coz to receive luck you’ve got to take a chance – a gamble.  Meaning chances of failure outweigh your chances of success.  My biggest fears in life are death and failure, so I’m not brave enough to believe in luck.  As for fate, if you believe in fate, that means you have no control over your life, everything has been set out for you. Before you even pursue something, the outcome has already been decided.

I grew up a church going kid who was told to believe in the almighty, never taught how to believe.  All I knew was that, with you belief in Him being accompanied by perseverance, all that seems to be impossible, all that seems to be out of reach, and all that seems to be lost causes will come to fruition.  I have finally understood that there’s no way one can teach you how to believe in your Supreme Being (whomever you worship), after praying to him and persevering in wait for His response, you understand that His belief in you is so great, nothing is possible.

For this great step I will be taking next year, I am truly grateful to the Almighty Somandla.  May He grant me success and open windows where doors have been locked.

‘Till next time Peeps, STAY GOODEST!

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