27 Dec

Helloweeni Peeps!

So yet another year is coming to its conclusion, and every mall is full of parents on a mission to buy school stationery for the coming school year with whatever little money they have left, as most of the christmas bonus was spent spoiling their beloved children over the festive season. Ever got asked the question: Between christmas & new year, which one comes first? We all knew the correct answer was new year, but the answer we leaned on the most was christmas – a day every child looks forward to every year. The one day parents spend by blowing whatever savings they had on their children for, most of the time, selfish reasons.

For selfish reasons. Sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? Well, in my opinion, I believe that most young mothers use their children on christmas day to somewhat update their fading social status; to be regarded as hip & happening.

Full bellies, new clothes, shitty movies on t.v, embarrassing drunk uncles & hot cousins you wish you weren’t related to. That was the typical kasi christmas I’ve known all my life; a time for family. Most people who grew up ekasi probably experienced the same. But that has rapidly changed. The statement that says christmas is about the kids has become a facade these days as parents, mostly or especially mothers, have taken centre stage. This christmas I noticed that there are unofficial pageants about whose child is wearing the most expensive brand name apparel. Its all about who bought their kids the most expensive attire. Clothing that is way beyond the parents’ budget proximities, all in the name of placing a facade that you’re a great mother. Ironically, it’s the time of year where true colours shine behind closed door. The pressure put on kids by young mothers these days is escalating year by year. A child is a child by playing. The first ever learning experiences children recieve is on the playground. But the wrath I’ve witnessed portrayed by angry mothers who were mad that their children had dirtied their labelled apparel, is borderline terrifying. How will a child have fun with the words “Be carefull” ringing in their ears every five seconds. Let the kid be.

Now you can’t afford to send your kid to a better school or buy them stationery, so you blame them for everything.
Saying of how the kids stressed them with their nagging for new christmas clothes, but they be the ones that bought the most expensive clothes they can get their hands on. Kids don’t care how much the clothes cost, as long as they are wearing new apparel they’ll smile and brag till the cows come home.

Just because the time for you to be wearing the latest youth fashion has passed does not mean your offspring should continue where you left off. They have their own journey to begin, their own path to explore and their own mistakes to make. Christmas is a day for family, love, and not a day for you to expose the skhothane in your kids.

There is such a thing as a budget and it’s there for a reason – to spend intelligently and responsibly. Education is most important than social status, as it is an investment for you and your child’s future. Take a leaf out of my book; I did not have the most merriest of christmases by choice, as I had to save as much money as I can as I countdown to the great adventure that awaits me in the year 2015 (doing Journalism at Varsity). King Yobho hopes you all and your friends and family had a very Merry Christmas on Thursday.


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