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Helloweeni Peeps!

Doing what you love or what you’ve always wanted to do can be the most liberating thing in the world.  Coz only your heart is your map, your mind is your compass and wherever they send you will be home.  As I begin my journalistic journey, I’m certain my destination (whatever or wherever it may be) will be home.  I took a step closer to home last week as I, for the first time, stepped inside the chambers of Parliament.  Awesome doesn’t begin to describe the experience. Being in the presence of the who’s who in the radio, print and broadcast media world was inspiring and perpetuated my flame of passion for journalism to be everlasting.

Photo0216[1] Photo0215[1] eNCA[1]

As I met with the guys from the SABC, eNCA & ANN7, I noticed something I never expected – they all got along.  I expected that seeing as they are from different news stations they’d hate one another and wrestle each other for a story.  But all I saw were adults with great mutual respect for their peers, whether working in opposite camps or not.  But anyway, getting inside the House of Parliament was incredibly easy.  I was shocked at how poor the security was.  I probably passed like 5 metal detectors, yet I went through them all without my metal pen & phone being detected.  I even took pics inside the chambers (which is forbidden) without being seen…  I should have brought a damn gun!

When I got in, President Zuma was already in the middle of his speech.  I’m not a big fan of the dude – in fact I detest everything he stands for, but that day he was on point with everything.  Even with the stuff I didn’t agree with, I saw myself applauding coz this nigga has a way of charming you from a hater to a groupie.  He really knows how to work a crowd.  But I was kinda depressed coz I was hoping for another parliamentary brawl like the one at the State of the Nation Address; that would have been freakin’ awesome.

Photo0225[1] Eff[1] Photo0221[1]

After the President’s speech, as we exited the Parliament, one of my classmates had a mini interview with Morning Live’s Lukhanyo Calata.  Though it wasn’t televised, it was freaking nerve-wrecking for him; which goes to show how tough journalism is.  But experience like this goes a long way to moulding us and designing  journalistic professionals of the future.  And I’m glad to have experienced it with those I experienced it with.  I wish my father (the only person to ever say he’s proud of me) was alive to witness all this.

Journalism has thought me the biggest lesson in life: “Have an opinion. Share your opinion, but don’t force it on anyone. And have an open mind, as we live in such a diverse world alive with possibilities.”  I’m doing what I adore with the knowledge that I will be a success at it as it is the only thing I know how to do.  My blog is also growing day by day, with readers from 5 different countries.  Keep reading and sharing!

‘Till Next Time Peeps, STAY GOODEST!


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Helloweeni Peeps!

As I have said before that this is a new year that I want to be a different kind of me – a new me.  Yolanda Klaas 2.0: The Sequel…


I’ve always been kind of timid and lacking a bit of self-confidence.  I struggle in believing I’m good enough at anything and I’ve always believed that there’s someone who’s better than me in whatever I do.  But at the end of 2014 I foresaw 2015 as my year to “SHOW-OFF”.  to show-off whatever brilliance that might be hiding in me, to show-off whatever difference-making intelligence I know is inside of me and to show-off… well, i think you’re smart enough to get the point by now.

Yeah, that was who I wanted to be… until I met my classmates!

#Jaw On The Floor#


Those people are incredible!  They are still three years away from their diplomas, and an extra year away from their degree, yet their “C.V’s” look unbelievably impressive.  When I heard of who they are and what they did, my year to show-off went down the drain.  One guy, I think his name is Vince, worked for eNCA (the news channel) as an executive producer.  There brother’s got jokes for days, but don’t let that facade fool you – nigga got brains!  One lady, Michelle (she’s such a great human being), works as a newswritter at a radio station.  Another girl was in Law School.  A guy called Unathi, my best friend so far, writes for Media24.  There’s a guy called Chris and a lady called Thoko, I have a feeling those two might blow us away with their prowess in the course of this year.  And then there are those irritating somebodies that you wish you could exterminate with a Big-Ass Doom (bug spray).  The list goes on and on and on.  But I’m liking everyone in my class.

But honestly, none impressed me more than this girl called Yolanda.  No, it’s not because we share  the same name.  This girl is super intelligent and such a wordsmith.  She writes from the heart.  If Maya Angelou and William Shakespeare had a baby, she’d be it – but more prettier.  What’s unbelievable (and in someway sad) is that she has no idea how great of a writer she is, especially her IsiXhosa writing.  she will be somebody in the media world.

But enough about my classmates, coz this is still my blog Damnit!  I’m glad and I thank God that I’m surrounded by such amazing minds.  But since my first day I’ve been asking myself: Do I really deserve to be in such intellectual presence?  Well, what I can tell you is that God put me where I currently am for a purpose.  The lesson I’m busy teaching myself, or at the very least trying to, is that however much you know doesn’t count.  What counts is what you do with it.  And whatever background you may come from, the passion you have in your dream will propel you to new heights.  I wish my classmates all the best of luck for the year.

So… Is there a chick that I may have a crush on in my class..?

That’s none of your business, Voetsek! LOL!

And as for my answer to why am I among such intellect… IT WAS WRITTEN!

‘Till Next Time Peeps, STAY GOODEST! (twitter: @kingyobho; facebook: King Yolanda Klaas III)


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Helloweeni Peeps!



Pride.  Yes, pride.  Pride is the word I word use to describe the feeling I get whenever I think of the fact that I’m a South African.  Actually it’s the only word I use.  Not many countries on this planet can boast about giving birth to so many heroes and heroines; people who selflessly gave their lives to the struggle for non-discrimination and equality.

As South African men we boast everyday that we were the ones at the forefront of the fight for liberation.  It’s no wonder that’s the case; I mean, those that are praised and those that are riding first class on the gravy train are mostly men.  This coming from one of the handful of countries with a “Women’s Day” public holiday (a day to “appreciate”; at least that’s what the politicians tell us.)  I still think we’re no doing enough to appreciate the rock-like souls that women portrayed (and still do) and what women sacrificed for this country and its people to be where they are today.  While the men used their physicality and brawn to break free from the shackles of Apartheid, women were using their psyche and their minds to defeat the weapons of the oppressors.  No gender did a greater percentage than the other in our journey to emancipation; everyone did their part.  But we (men) seem to be the only ones benefiting form our democracy.  If democracy was a tree, men would be under the shade and chomping on the juicy fruits the tree bore, while women are cutting of the weeds and getting fried by the sun.  I’m sure a 100% of all women would agree with me right now. BUT…  Yeah ladies, there’s a big “but”…lol…




The ladies are probably gonna hate me for what I’m about to say, but I’ll say it anyway (this is my blog after all.)

Women still need to know their place.  It’s no mistake that God created us differently.  There are certain things that men can do that women cannot (or sometimes should not) and things women can do that men cannot (or sometimes should not.)  It’s not discrimination or sexism, it’s the facts of life.  We were designed for tasks that coincide and are synchronized for the same purpose.  Like it or not, men were designed to lead and to provide.  While women were designed to bear life, nurture and to give strength by supporting their better halves (men).  That is exactly what happened in the struggle for liberation – everyone played their position.

What really ticks me off (and in some way saddens me) is that women try “running” the world by abusing/misusing their their emotions, which in turn abuses the men’s emotions.  They will act all vulnerable to men when it suits them, but when they see a man receiving praise, they wanna take charge.  Their favourite line is: “Whatever a man can do, I can do as well.”  Whenever you hear a woman say that, give them a pick and tell them to dig graves for funerals.  Or politely ask them to pay the bill after dinner/lunch at a five star restaurant.

What I seem to notice is that modern women are obsessed with praise, and like using sympathy  to get to where some men are.  Women have such an advantage in today’s world but they complain too much to notice.  These days a woman CAN be preferred for a job over a more qualified man just because they are female (notice that I said “can” & not “will”), especially in those so-called “male-dominated industries.” I really hate that phrase.  I think women overuse it.  It’s their way of saying: “Hire me coz I’ve got tits.”

Women are equally as smart as men and vice versa.  But I wish they could stop competing with men and to stop using their sexuality or sex appeal to get to where some men are.  RUN YOUR RACE AND STAY ON YOUR LANE!  We’re a team; if men are the offence, then you’re the defence and vice versa.  You cannot switch to the position where you get the most praise.  The world works better when we’re parallel and in sync.  Let’s be united in diversity on this beautiful land, South Africa, that is so alive with possibilities.


Who runs the world?  Only God does.  We’re just here to provide the entertainment.

‘Till Next Time Peeps, STAY GOODEST! (twitter – @kingyobho; Facebook – King Yolanda Klaas III)

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