23 Feb

Helloweeni Peeps!

Doing what you love or what you’ve always wanted to do can be the most liberating thing in the world.  Coz only your heart is your map, your mind is your compass and wherever they send you will be home.  As I begin my journalistic journey, I’m certain my destination (whatever or wherever it may be) will be home.  I took a step closer to home last week as I, for the first time, stepped inside the chambers of Parliament.  Awesome doesn’t begin to describe the experience. Being in the presence of the who’s who in the radio, print and broadcast media world was inspiring and perpetuated my flame of passion for journalism to be everlasting.

Photo0216[1] Photo0215[1] eNCA[1]

As I met with the guys from the SABC, eNCA & ANN7, I noticed something I never expected – they all got along.  I expected that seeing as they are from different news stations they’d hate one another and wrestle each other for a story.  But all I saw were adults with great mutual respect for their peers, whether working in opposite camps or not.  But anyway, getting inside the House of Parliament was incredibly easy.  I was shocked at how poor the security was.  I probably passed like 5 metal detectors, yet I went through them all without my metal pen & phone being detected.  I even took pics inside the chambers (which is forbidden) without being seen…  I should have brought a damn gun!

When I got in, President Zuma was already in the middle of his speech.  I’m not a big fan of the dude – in fact I detest everything he stands for, but that day he was on point with everything.  Even with the stuff I didn’t agree with, I saw myself applauding coz this nigga has a way of charming you from a hater to a groupie.  He really knows how to work a crowd.  But I was kinda depressed coz I was hoping for another parliamentary brawl like the one at the State of the Nation Address; that would have been freakin’ awesome.

Photo0225[1] Eff[1] Photo0221[1]

After the President’s speech, as we exited the Parliament, one of my classmates had a mini interview with Morning Live’s Lukhanyo Calata.  Though it wasn’t televised, it was freaking nerve-wrecking for him; which goes to show how tough journalism is.  But experience like this goes a long way to moulding us and designing  journalistic professionals of the future.  And I’m glad to have experienced it with those I experienced it with.  I wish my father (the only person to ever say he’s proud of me) was alive to witness all this.

Journalism has thought me the biggest lesson in life: “Have an opinion. Share your opinion, but don’t force it on anyone. And have an open mind, as we live in such a diverse world alive with possibilities.”  I’m doing what I adore with the knowledge that I will be a success at it as it is the only thing I know how to do.  My blog is also growing day by day, with readers from 5 different countries.  Keep reading and sharing!

‘Till Next Time Peeps, STAY GOODEST!


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  1. thespunkykid

    October 6, 2015 at 11:27

    Dunno how I missed seeing this. So interesting! If I were in parliament I’d charge like a bull for Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. ❤


    • King Yobho

      October 6, 2015 at 19:42

      Hahaha! The only one possessing a brain under the infamous red beret, lol. As for me, I almost needed restraints, coz the deputy minister of communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, is smoking hot. Thank you for reading though! I think I’ll invite you for the next National Assembly at parliament.



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