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25 years of life.  I have been alive for a freakin’ quarter of a century.  For as long as I can remember, my biggest fear hasn’t been heights, clowns, or dentists.  My greatest fear has been getting old – and it’s finally coming true 😥 .  But you can’t fight fate or evade nature.  I haven’t a choice but to embrace the fact that I’m getting old.

But I look back at my life life with some sort of pride in the sort of man that I have turned or rather evolved into.  There are many individuals, men and women (some I’ve never & probably will never meet), that have shaped and molded my life into what it is and what it can be.  It’s no secret that my only goal in life is to remove the negative stigma around black men.  Seeing as this is my 25th birthday, I’m writing about the 25 black men I look up to and intend to achieve success similar to theirs.

No. 25. JOMO SONO/KAIZER MOTAUNG :- These footballing legends have not only carved their names in stone with their mesmerizing footballing ability, but with their ability to successfully transform two township football clubs into well-respected and easily recognizable brands that expand beyond the football pitch.  All this during South Africa’s most difficult time – apartheid.

No. 24. TYLER PERRY :- One of the most versatile actors/comedians.  Growing up poor and sexually abused did not stop him from becoming one of the wealthiest  film-makers in the world.

No. 23. NELSON MANDELA :-  Need I explain why..?  The name alone speaks deafening volumes.

No. 22. EARVIN “MAGIC” JOHNSON :-  Talent accompanied by brains is an impenetrable shield against failure.  Magic Johnson possessed this shield.  He went from a magician in the basketball court to a magician in the boardroom.  From playing for the LA Lakers, to owning the LA Lakers. After selling his Lakers shares, he now owns part of the LA Dodgers (MLB baseball team). He’s ballin’… in more ways than one.

No. 21. ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU :-  A man not afraid to speak his mind.  He was at the forefront in rallying to have Mandela released during apartheid, and publicly admonished President Zuma for refusing The Dalai Lama enterance into South Africa. I hope to meet him some day.

No. 20. STEVE HARVEY :-  An “Original King of Comedy”.  He is a daytime talk-show host, has two radio talk-shows, has a New York Times best-selling book, and he has his own range of formal ties… HUSTLER!

No. 19. AKON :-  Born in Senegal but grew up in America.  After making millions from his successful music career, Akon didn’t forget where he came from, and built solar panels that will provide 600 million Africans (that’s half the continent) with electricity.

No. 18. DR. DRE :-  The first rapper to make a billion dollars.  All this began by him and his group rapping about the struggles of young black men in the ghetto.  But what I admire most about him is that his greatness is defined by the number of rappers he made successful.  50 Cent, Eminem, The Game, Kendrick Lamar, & Snoop Dogg.

No. 17. MZILIKAZI WA AFRIKA :-  A fearless freedom fighter and extraordinary investigative journalist who stood firm for what he believed was in the public interest.  And also excelled in music.  Author of “Nothing Left To Steal”.  A superb wordsmith.

No. 16. HAILE SELASSIE :-  Leader of Ethiopia and a great symbol of African independence against colonialism.  An outstanding leader during World War II, resisting to the invasion of the Italians.

No. 15. KOFI ANNAN :-  The first African to be named United Nations Secretary General (served tow terms).  His skills of great patience and diplomacy are things I admire about him.  Even after retiring from the UN,  he is still a pursuer of peace and security with his non-profit organization “Kofi Annan Foundation.”

No. 14. JOHN SINGLETON/SPIKE LEE :-  Probably the first movie directors to portray the true happenings of the ghetto in movies.  Great film-makers who showed that everyone, from whatever background, has a story to tell.

No. 13. MICHAEL JACKSON :-  A pioneer of music, dance and music videos.  Michael Jackson has been relevant for the past 50 years with his music.  Though he may have died heavily in debt, his relevance for half a century is a feat that I don’t think will ever be achieved again.

No. 12. OLIVER TAMBO :-  He led the fight against apartheid outside the South African borders while in exile.  The educated millions outside South Africa about apartheid and influenced them to fight for what’s just, right & moral.

No. 11. TIGER WOODS :-  A black man who broke boundaries with his brilliance in a sport dominated by whites.  Though controversy followed him, he was man enough to admit his mistakes and apologize for them.  Then made an incredible  comeback to the top of the world golf rankings.  His perseverance is thought-provoking.

No. 10. PELE :-  Coming from deep poverty to being regarded as the greatest and finest footballer of all time.  He had the utmost dedication and love for football. He’s now an advocate for overcoming poverty.

No. 9. AGGREY KLAASTE :-  Successfully pushed the “nation building” concept as the editor of Sowetan during the struggle years.  The first black South African journalist to achieve legendary status.

No. 8. CHINUA ACHEBE :-  The best-selling, greatest and widely read African novelist, poet and writer.  I want to achieve similar status as this legendary writer.  He has great praise that is borderline godly.

No. 7. JOHN KANI :-  A brilliant stage actor and playwright.  He has received countless international accolades and appeared in many international productions.  He even has a theatre named after him.  Not forgetting his incredible wisdom.

No. 6. BOB MARLEY :-  He showed it was okay to be different.  He put Rastafarianism on the map.  He was also a social commentator for the emancipation of black people from slave mentality.

No. 5. NKOSI JOHNSON :-  He may have died at aged 11, but he was more of a man than most men in today’s world.  Probably the first relevant HIV/AIDS activist.  Made billions around the world understand what AIDS truly is.

No. 4. THABO MBEKI :-  Mandela’s chosen successor.  He personified the word intelligence.  A true believer in African Renaissance and quiet diplomacy.  One of the very few dignified African leaders.

No. 3. MOHAMMED ALI :-  The only boxer to ever defeat his opponents before setting a foot in the ring.  He showed all you need to conquer your enemies is to defeat their minds.

No. 2. JOHNNY KLAAS (My Father) :-  A man that would rather starve than see his child have nothing to eat.  A man who’d rather go shirtless that see his child wear rags.  The kindest man I’ve known.  Also a man I’ve never seen back down from a fight.  I smile with pride everytime I hear someone say “You look exactly like your dad.”

No. 1. KHANYILE KLAAS (My Brother) :-  From ward councilor (driving a Mazda 3), to being unemployed (& no car), to then being the deputy mayor (& driving a Mercedes Benz).  He proves that once you fall from great heights, get up and climb to greater heights than before…  And HUSTLE NIGGA HUSTLE!

I plan to emulate these great black gentleman and hope to inspire the same sort of greatness in others like they have inspired me.  Laziness is the hindrance of potential, and complacency the hindrance of an intelligent mind.  So I plan to never waste my potential and never be complacent and rest on my laurels should I achieve my desired goals.  I suggest you follow my lead.

‘Till Next Time Peeps, BHA-BHAYINI!

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Helloweeni Peeps!

PRIDE : (noun) A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived in one’s own achievements, or qualities, or possessions that do one’s credit.


I could never understand ethnic or national pride.  Because to me pride should be reserved for something you achieve or attain on your own, not something that happens by accident of birth.  Being black or white isn’t a skill, it’s a fuckin’ genetic accident!  You wouldn’t say “I’m proud to be a midget.” or “I’m proud of my autism.”  So why the fuck would you be proud to be black or white, South African or American, or anything?  Being proud of your skin colour, your gender, your nationality, your tribe, your sexual orientation seems to me so stupid.  If you want to be proud, do something beneficial to mankind and stop bragging about things you had by mere chance.

Did you achieve something so great that they rewarded you with your skin colour, or where to be born?  Do any of these characteristics contribute in you being a good or a bad person?  No, I don’t think so.  Now I’m sick and tired of reading facebook statuses that say “I’M PROUD OF BEING A MAN,” “I’M PROUD OF BEING A WOMAN,” “I’M PROUD OF BEING GAY,” “I’M PROUD OF BEING STRAIGHT,” “PROUDLY BLACK,” “PROUDLY WHITE,” etc. etc.  Do you realise how stupid these statements sound?  I have embraced being a young black man.  I love being a young black man.  I recently read a facebook status by a friend of mine that read “I don’t hate the white child, I just love the black child more.”  I very much respect that honesty and share the exact same feelings.  You might ask: “Isn’t that a bit racist?”  Hell yeah it’s racist!  But being racist isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  You’ve got to investigate the context of my racism before judging whether it’s good or bad.  See, I don’t believe my race is superior than others, but I 100% believe it can be and I want it to be.  I don’t and will never belittle, abuse other races as a stepping stone to get ahead, or look down on them with disdain.  That’s the kind of racist, if you regard my remarks as being racist, I am or may be.  No race is in competition with another.  We’re just doing something beneficial to mankind.  It may begin with an upliftment of a particular race, but at the end of the day, it’s all for the greater good – humankind.  So I believe that true pride lies in achieving something you’ve earned for yourself, your “people” (whatever that may mean for you) and mankind.  Not this sham.


Humankind.  Mankind.  These words make the world we live in sound like this “Kumbayah” and jolly kind of place.  I’m afraid it’s not.

EQUALITY: (noun) The state of being equal, especially in rights, status and opportunity.

Do you, as a black man or woman, think you receive the same opportunities as a white man or woman?  The world likes to turn a blind eye to reality that most white people (not all) always have a head-start.  Compared to whites with the same qualifications, black people are less likely to get hired and more likely to earn lesser wages, to be charged higher prices for consumer goods and to be denied housing in a predominantly white neighbourhood.  Racial disparities haven’t just persisted, they’ve increased!  The black man today is not struggling for some abstract, vague rights, but for concrete and prompt improvement in his way of life.  What will it profit him to send his children to an integrated school if the family income is insufficient to buy them school clothes?  What will he gain by being permitted to move into an integrated neighbourhood if he cannot afford to do so because he is unemployed or has a low-paying job with no future?

I know some of you will be like, “Oh no, not another black man complaining.” Or “Not another black man blaming the past for what he doesn’t have.”  Hell yes, I’m complaining!  Of course I’m blaming the past for for my current fucked up situation.  Who else will I blame?  I blame the slave masters of our grandfathers and the jailers of our fathers.  For it is them who enslaved our minds before we were even conceived.  It is them who made damn sure we have nothing to inherit.  They not only enslaved our minds, but also the minds of today’s white generation.  Where if you walk into a clothing store, someone will follow you, staring at you like a hawk.  Where the police beat you up even if not resisting arrest (what happened to innocent till proven guilty).  All because a black man is regarded as a hostile creature.  When last did you see police hassling a white guy for roaming the streets at night?

Guys lets not act like we’re asleep and oblivious to these happenings.  But don’t mistake this as an excuse to get lazy and feel the world owes you because of the injustices people of similar skin pigmentation were suffering under.  WORK BLACK MAN WORK!  The world don’t owe you shit!  The black man don’t owe you shit!  The white man don’t… uhm, well that’s debatable 😉 .


King Yobho

I’m black.  I’m not proud to be black because I have no choice but to be black.  But I want us as black people to have pride in our contributions to mankind.  We are stereotyped as jailbirds.  We are stereotyped for excelling in sports rather than academics.  Let’s not let that get us down.  Let’s embrace that for stereotypes are the for a reason.  Like it or not, there is some element of truth in stereotypes.  Let’s go to jail for a cause we believe in.  Maya Angelou once said “There’s nothing wrong with going to jail for what you believe is right.”  So what if they think we’re not smart enough?  You’re not going to school for them; you’re there to enrich your mind, and one day, your bank account.  And play that sport!  At least you’ll be healthy and live longer than their lazy sorry asses…lol…  I love you all – whatever race you may be.  I just love the black child more!

‘Till Next Time Peeps, BHA-BHAYINI!

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Helloweeni Peeps!

Wow, long time no read peeps.  I have to say, a lot has happened since my last post.  Where do I begin?  First of all, I have been trying or maybe I should say I’ve been in the process of reviving and awakening my spirituality, then secondly, someone threatened (& still is) to kill me, and then what else again…?  Oh yeah, I GOT A FREAKIN’ JOB!  Well, the cash I get paid ain’t that good but at least a nigga’s working, so stop trippin’…

original (1)

Well let’s get a bit serious for a second.  Death has been a subject I just cannot avoid no matter how much I try these few days.  Sorry to depress you peeps, but this has been something I wanna get off my chest for a while.  I have been receiving some death threats (and still am) from some guy in Khayelitsha who’s been so adamant that I’ve been sleeping with his girlfriend (well I kinda have, but a nigga don’t wanna die, ok).  These threats have been in the form of text messages, phone calls and WhatsApp.  I wonder when is he gonna send me an email…  Now I don’t know whether to laugh at this (coz I find it incredibly ridiculous) or be truly frightened for my life.  Coz I hear this nigga’s quite unstable as he’s even threatebed the life of his girlfriend, that I “allegedly” stole, with an axe.  Damn coward!  Still on that subject, the last few days have been very dark and solemn as quite  recently at the student residence that I reside at (Catsville Residence), a young man at the age of 20 fell off the side of the rails of the staircase on the second floor to his death.  And this just about a month after another girl fell or jumped out of a window on the fifth floor.  But thankfully, she’s still alive.


In Memoriam

Konwaba Johannes Nkone

06 September 1994 – 24 May 2015

   Just this week, we had an emotional memorial service in his honour here at res.  I may not have known him that well, but what happened on Wednesday was the greatest form of celebration of his life as all were present.  From his family, to his friends, classmates, current and former lecturers and also present was the acting Dean of the university, Professor Harper.  So death has been surrounding me of late.

One thing I’m ashamed of, is that I’m not a regular reader of the Bible.  But something strange that is kind of freakin’ me out happened to me on Monday, 2 days before the memorial service. A word, don’t know where I got it from, got stuck in my head.  This word was “Thessalonika”.  This word made no sense to me ’till, for some reason, I opened my bible and noticed that there was a book called “Thessalonians”.  I paged to read it and the verse my eyes fell upon was 1st Thessalonians 4 : 13-18. (to read it, go to

This scripture tells of how we shouldn’t be ignorant of those who passed on as it is our belief that Jesus died and rose again, and so too shall those who passed.  And then tells us of how in the end of days us the living and surviving, together with those who passed, shall be carried away in clouds to meet the Lord.  I read this, then later that day I heard there was to be a memorial service at my res…

What made me go read this scripture?  Does or will this scripture have any meaning to my life?  Wow…

Ok now, let’s talk about what’s got a nigga’s wallet all fat and chubby again…  Yeah, the job.  Nigga be drowsy during lectures these days coz I be working the night shift.  8 hour shifts (sometimes even 10 hours) where you stand throughout, with only about 20 minutes of break time.  Sounds like torture, huh..?  Well you’d put up with this too if you were a broke student wanting to get laid more often.  But this job is kinda cool as you end up socialising with people from different backgrounds ans walks of life.  Making new friends and solidifying already existing friendships.  Meeting celebs, meeting honeys… And of course, GETTING PAID!!!

And lastly, about my blog, I recently got some advice from a fellow blogger, Melinda, that I should have a stable “blog posting routing”.  Now of course I agreed to this coz she’s flippin’ gorgeous.  But she was right. For me to be a successful print journalist and novelist one day, I should have a deadline and meet it. Thank you, Melinda!


Everyone, meet Melinda Mofokeng… Told y’all she was a fly honey. But eish… I think she friend-zoned my skinny ass…lol…

‘Till Next Time Peeps, STAY GOODEST!

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