02 Jun

Helloweeni Peeps!

Wow, long time no read peeps.  I have to say, a lot has happened since my last post.  Where do I begin?  First of all, I have been trying or maybe I should say I’ve been in the process of reviving and awakening my spirituality, then secondly, someone threatened (& still is) to kill me, and then what else again…?  Oh yeah, I GOT A FREAKIN’ JOB!  Well, the cash I get paid ain’t that good but at least a nigga’s working, so stop trippin’…

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Well let’s get a bit serious for a second.  Death has been a subject I just cannot avoid no matter how much I try these few days.  Sorry to depress you peeps, but this has been something I wanna get off my chest for a while.  I have been receiving some death threats (and still am) from some guy in Khayelitsha who’s been so adamant that I’ve been sleeping with his girlfriend (well I kinda have, but a nigga don’t wanna die, ok).  These threats have been in the form of text messages, phone calls and WhatsApp.  I wonder when is he gonna send me an email…  Now I don’t know whether to laugh at this (coz I find it incredibly ridiculous) or be truly frightened for my life.  Coz I hear this nigga’s quite unstable as he’s even threatebed the life of his girlfriend, that I “allegedly” stole, with an axe.  Damn coward!  Still on that subject, the last few days have been very dark and solemn as quite  recently at the student residence that I reside at (Catsville Residence), a young man at the age of 20 fell off the side of the rails of the staircase on the second floor to his death.  And this just about a month after another girl fell or jumped out of a window on the fifth floor.  But thankfully, she’s still alive.


In Memoriam

Konwaba Johannes Nkone

06 September 1994 – 24 May 2015

   Just this week, we had an emotional memorial service in his honour here at res.  I may not have known him that well, but what happened on Wednesday was the greatest form of celebration of his life as all were present.  From his family, to his friends, classmates, current and former lecturers and also present was the acting Dean of the university, Professor Harper.  So death has been surrounding me of late.

One thing I’m ashamed of, is that I’m not a regular reader of the Bible.  But something strange that is kind of freakin’ me out happened to me on Monday, 2 days before the memorial service. A word, don’t know where I got it from, got stuck in my head.  This word was “Thessalonika”.  This word made no sense to me ’till, for some reason, I opened my bible and noticed that there was a book called “Thessalonians”.  I paged to read it and the verse my eyes fell upon was 1st Thessalonians 4 : 13-18. (to read it, go to

This scripture tells of how we shouldn’t be ignorant of those who passed on as it is our belief that Jesus died and rose again, and so too shall those who passed.  And then tells us of how in the end of days us the living and surviving, together with those who passed, shall be carried away in clouds to meet the Lord.  I read this, then later that day I heard there was to be a memorial service at my res…

What made me go read this scripture?  Does or will this scripture have any meaning to my life?  Wow…

Ok now, let’s talk about what’s got a nigga’s wallet all fat and chubby again…  Yeah, the job.  Nigga be drowsy during lectures these days coz I be working the night shift.  8 hour shifts (sometimes even 10 hours) where you stand throughout, with only about 20 minutes of break time.  Sounds like torture, huh..?  Well you’d put up with this too if you were a broke student wanting to get laid more often.  But this job is kinda cool as you end up socialising with people from different backgrounds ans walks of life.  Making new friends and solidifying already existing friendships.  Meeting celebs, meeting honeys… And of course, GETTING PAID!!!

And lastly, about my blog, I recently got some advice from a fellow blogger, Melinda, that I should have a stable “blog posting routing”.  Now of course I agreed to this coz she’s flippin’ gorgeous.  But she was right. For me to be a successful print journalist and novelist one day, I should have a deadline and meet it. Thank you, Melinda!


Everyone, meet Melinda Mofokeng… Told y’all she was a fly honey. But eish… I think she friend-zoned my skinny ass…lol…

‘Till Next Time Peeps, STAY GOODEST!

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