Blog or Die Journos!

09 May


Helloweeni Peeps!

Journalism is not just a field of study or a career, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that demands complete dedication to the craft. Ever heard the saying: “Bend the tree while it is still young”? Usually, this advice just comes from nosy neighbours who’ve been dying to kick the crap out of their neighbour’s misbehaving child, but this time I’ll use it on journalists… student journalists, to be exact.

It is very important that journalists perfect their craft before practicing in the field, and blogging is essential to a point of being a necessity to all student journalists. We need other tools to help the craft remain relevant and avoid it being boring. The use of technological tools to extend the conversation beyond the classroom is an exceptional idea.

Technology is all around us, every second of our lives. Whether we like admitting it or not, print media is dying a slow death and online media is the new sheriff in town.

Blogs are less formal and interest young readers. A long body of text is a very scary site to our generation, so the use of gifs, memes and videos are a fun (most of the time funny) way of getting a point across while avoiding the dreaded “Read the Headline and Move On” habit from this generation.

I, a dedicated student journalist and blogger, hope to be the savior of student journalists.

Look at this video. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s KING YOBHO! 🙂

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