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Roeland Street: Cape Town’s Sleeping Giant

Helloweeni Peeps!

Cape Town.  Affectionately known as the Mother City to those who live in it, Cape Town, to some people around the world and some South Africans, is sometimes known as the ‘Little Europe’ of Africa as it may possibly be the most modern city in post-colonial Africa.  But it is at times a great shame for such a giant of a city to be known so one-dimensional.  People usually visit Cape town for its beaches (though ice-cold as they can be) and that other natural wonder… you know, that mountain which was recently voted 7th wonder of the world? Yeah, that one.  There are those who choose to wander the city searching for alternative views of Cape Town, though.  Party animals end up visiting Long Street for a great time and to get lucky, while cosmopolitans choose Buitekant Street to unwind with a cuppa joe.  But a gentle giant known as Roeland Street is often unfairly ignored.

Roeland Street

I’m a journalism student at CPUT and I only got to know of Roeland Street because my campus was located there, and as I got more familiar with the street, I found that it is home to more intellectually beneficial spots than any other street in Cape Town, or anywhere in South Africa, for that matter. From the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s journalism, photography and PR departments, to the Harrold Cressy High School, to the Western Cape Archives and Records Services, to the ORMS Cape Town School of Photography, to The Book Lounge book shop, to City Varsity. Roeland Street is a true hub of endless information and intellect.


The Western Cape Archives & Records building


At no.72 on Roeland, the Western Cape Archives and Records Service majestically stands rich in history in more ways than one. Originally this site was where the old Roeland Street Prison used to operate, this building was constructed for the Cape Town Archives Repository that moved into the new building in 1990. This is where the Western Cape government manages and preserves records that form part of our archival heritage. These records are preserved for use by government and people of South Africa.


For those book lovers out there looking for for a bookstore with the latest offerings from their favourite author, there is The Book lounge. Opened in 2007, this independent bookshop is a one of a kind with its calm ambience and the astonishing simplicity with which you can find the book or section of the author that you’re looking for. There are many interesting book related events that are hosted in this space and special children’s story time at 11:00 on Saturdays. As I walked in to have some sort of mini-interview with the staff and take a few pics, I found myself getting lost at the many interesting reads that were in front of my eyes. I ended up buying for myself an interesting autobiography written by one of our heroes in the struggle to liberate South Africa.

The Book Lounge details are as follows:

Address: 71 Roeland Street, Cnr Buitenkant & Roeland Street, Cape Town, 8001

Tel: 021 462 2425


IMG_6465.JPG  IMG_6466.JPG


It’s a family friendly environment


Rarely do you see so many educational institutions of different levels on the same street. From where Roeland Street begins you will find City Varsity and at the very end of this magnificent street lies CPUT‘s Barc Building when I’m currently doing my second year in journalism. Harold Cressy High School and the ORMS Cape Town School of Photography lie between them.


ORMS Cape Town School of Photography


Harold Cressy High School


City Varsity’s Cape Town campus


Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Roeland street building

Those whose first love is art will not feel left out when visiting this magnificent street as there is an amazing haven for them located on 62 Roeland Street, Gardens, Cape Town 8001. This Haven is called ARTSAUCE. This elegant hole in the wall has all the things those artistic at heart would want, need and die for. The moment I walked in, the looks on people’s faces were like children at a candy store. People of all ages will feel welcome and catered for. From painters to pencil sketchers, to scrapbookers, to those who just simply need basic school or office stationery; all is catered for at ARTSAUCE.



Fashionistas will be in love with Margot Molyneux‘s fashion design studio, focused on producing well made, seasonal collections of women’s wear. This boutique sells high-end fashion female clothing and handbags at such an affordable price. Based here in Cape Town, they greatly enjoy the beauty of this city around us, using it, as well as art and traditional methods of printmaking, as inspiration in their colour choices and in their textiles designs.

Margot Molyneux’s contact details are as follows:

Address: 69 Roeland Street | Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 461 4565



The saying that goes “never judge a book by its cover” comes to life when you explore Roeland Street. It oozes of life and unexpected excitement. When you visit Cape Town, don’t just pop-in to check out that mountain, make sure u come check out our beloved Roeland Street as well. I promise you, You will not regret it.

‘Till Next Time Peeps, Bhabhayini!

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I Call Him “Somandla”


A week after receiving devastating news that the Cape Peninsula University of Technology had (for the fourth time) rejected my application to study Journalism there, I received the most unbelievable phone call.  CPUT called again to ask if I was still interested, as after great debate, they had changed their minds and would love for me to study for my Diploma in Journalism at their institution.  I think my answer to them is obvious – writing is everything to me.  But was it fate, luck or the grace of God?

Some people believe in luck (being at the right place at the right time), some in fate (you cannot change what’s meant to be) and some in Supreme Beings (e.g. God, Allah, Buddha, etc).  What did I believe in? Don’t know either…

When it comes to luck, I’m certainly not a believer, coz to receive luck you’ve got to take a chance – a gamble.  Meaning chances of failure outweigh your chances of success.  My biggest fears in life are death and failure, so I’m not brave enough to believe in luck.  As for fate, if you believe in fate, that means you have no control over your life, everything has been set out for you. Before you even pursue something, the outcome has already been decided.

I grew up a church going kid who was told to believe in the almighty, never taught how to believe.  All I knew was that, with you belief in Him being accompanied by perseverance, all that seems to be impossible, all that seems to be out of reach, and all that seems to be lost causes will come to fruition.  I have finally understood that there’s no way one can teach you how to believe in your Supreme Being (whomever you worship), after praying to him and persevering in wait for His response, you understand that His belief in you is so great, nothing is possible.

For this great step I will be taking next year, I am truly grateful to the Almighty Somandla.  May He grant me success and open windows where doors have been locked.

‘Till next time Peeps, STAY GOODEST!

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